Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tuesday News by Caelan

SPORTS: TEAM 1 lost today 14-21 same as yesterday. Caelan+Elijah had a good game back from injury. THIS is Caelan Elijah breaking NEWS sports.

Math: We had dream box two times in a row. 

Writing: In writing we have been doing small moment stories. I did one about football. Anyways I hope we can go outside for writing. Can we Ms. Scott? 


Monday News by Caelan

Sports: Team 1 lost yesterday 14-21. Today will be interesting. Caelan and Elijah will be back from injury.

Moving on to NFL news: Patriots won 16-27. WE will catch you up on more news.

This is a short news but stick around for more CAELAN, ELIJAH SPORTS.

goodnight America

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday Night News by Caelan

Hello America!

Hello! Yesterday we got to measure 1st
graders. Today we have 15 minutes of extra recess. 

Charlie was MVP Q.B. yesterday but overall it's Caelan or Luke. PUNTER its definitely Luke.
This is a short newspaper but stick around for more at Shutesbury school website/blog 4th grade.

Goodbye America!

Wednesday Night News by Caelan

Sports: Charlie is back from a hand injury and football has taken over the field.  
Soccer kids are still fighting for it but the football kids won't let that happen!
90% of people want to play football and 10% of people want to play soccer. Will it stay this way or will it change? Stick around for more Caelan Elijah sports.

MATH: We have started a new unit on graphs. We have learned what a bar graph
and a line plot are. We even got to eat raisins! We are measuring 1st graders today (Oct. 19, 2016) and I hope they are tall. We haven't got too far in math pages.

WRITING: I like writing myself how about you? Anyways we had to write a small moment story. I wrote a story about my first touchdown.

Goodnight America!

Wednesday Night News by Elijah

Sports:   Football has taken over again. Soccer has died.

Math: WE HAVE STARTED OUR GRAPH UNIT. It is so much fun and yummy. My favorite graph is a bar graph. My next favorite is a line plot. We get to measure people.

Reading: Reading is fun because you get to read for half an hour (or more) each day.

Writing: We get to work on our writing skills and small moment story.

Good night America!