Friday, April 29, 2016

Terrible Losses

By Shae

Recently, we got snails to eat the algae in our class fish tank. They were excellent at keeping the tank nice and clean. Their names were: Bob,Sunny, Tiger, and Shnaily. Their jobs were to clean; they were the power cleaners. One beautiful morning in the tank,  the fish caretaker spotted an uneasy sight. Bob was upside down. He was brought out to be inspected. He smelled awful and didn’t move. So he was brought outside and buried. The loss seemed to affect the others. Shnaily couldn’t take it. He never ate from his sadness, and sadly died a week later. The others were torn, but stayed strong longer than Shnaily had. About two weeks later, Sunny passed. Leaving Tiger to fend for himself.

ELECTRICITY SEVEN! Solar Cell Edition!!

by The Electricians: Declan, and Arin
with guest speakers: Cedar and Alex
Quote by Cedar!

We’re back after a long absence to give you the longest and most edge-of-your-seat electricity blog yet! Did Queen Scarlet eat us again? I hope not.
We were making flashlights last time, and now we have moved on to solar experiments with motors, buzzers, LED’s, and of course, amazingly awesome solar cells. See pictures below for the full scoop on what happened. And also read the rest, because believe me, you won’t understand a thing if you don’t.
Alex — Researcher at the Shutesbury Academy for Experienced Electricians (solar group)
Cedar — Wise scientist from the Gradefour School of Solar Powered People

Alex says in his lengthened explanation about what happened today, “Today we used solar panels to power different things like the buzzer, the fan/motor, the LED, and multimeter that told how much volts we’re creating.”

Arin says, looking back on past blog excitements and comparing them with this one, “I’ve really never seen any mode of energy compared with this one in what it can do for the environment and electricity.”

Let’s look at some of the other kinds of sources of electricity that the Electricians would never agree with.
Nuclear, coal, oil, and other fossil fuels are things that can really harm the environment and us. “It was really fun to power things with clean energy that produces no emissions,” says Declan, who is like, the person who you should go to when you want a good persuasive essay on why those are “REALLY, VERY BAD” fuels.

Today we looked at a fountain that was powered by a large solar cell. The little spout that returned the water and put it out again was connected by wires to, technically, the sun.

Now let’s look at all of the kinds of sources of electricity that the Electricians do agree with.
Wind, biomass (a little), hydro, ocean, and SOLAR!!!!!!!!
Next week we will talk about the town that we are making, powered by solar and wind.

“Solar panels can produce a LOT of energy,”

--Cedar, electrician of the week