Friday, November 20, 2015

The Ballerina Chicken

By Shae

November 20th, 2015, about ten students witnessed a Ballerina chicken in action right in front of the school building.

“Like literally, she was dancing,” says fourth grader Arin Andrews.

Indeed, this chicken about every five minutes would leap into the air like a graceful butterfly. Some say, she lives only about 15 seconds away at  the home of Niema, a girl in 3rd grade, and her sisters.

The following video shows the short musical: “The Butchers and the Vegetarians.” Here are the following actors:
               Sage and Sarah,
              Nora and Joanna
              and Shae.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


by Alex

You only get to do SAFE in 4th grade. It's really fun and our last day was on 10/20/15. On the last day we got to go in the SAFE trailer and they have not real smoke in one room and you have to do 
what you would do to get out of a real fire. And in one room you get to find things that aren’t safe. 
But you only get to do safe in 4th grade so when you're in 4th grade remember you will have SAFE!

You will also get one whole lesson about how cigarettes are bad for you. And on the last day of 
SAFE you will get to practice calling 911. But if you were the person who called 911 outside when you were doing the SAFE trailer, you don't get to call when you're inside.

Monday, November 16, 2015


By Arin

Blog readers may be interested in the books that are being read in grade four. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders participate in the MCBA, Massachusetts Children’s Book Award, twenty-five books on a list that kids can read and vote on.

If you read at least five of the chosen books, you can participate in the MCBA party at the end of the MCBA year! 

Some favorites of this year are…
Athlete vs. Mathlete
+20 more!

MCBA lists can be gotten from the Spear Library and any of the local libraries. This year the schools have combined the school-board-made list with some books that the schools (Leverett, Shutesbury, etc.) have recommended. Some of the school-added books are:
Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble
Better Nate Than Ever
The Power of Poppy Pendle

There are also lots of games and contests that are included in the very awesome MCBA years at SES!!! We keep track of how many books each kid has read in the year. I have read 14 and I am getting ready to read Wings of Fire.

Here’s a funny ending: my fourteenth book that I read, Counting by Sevens (a tragically sad tale) is about math. And 7x2=14! Talk about counting by sevens!
And adults, some of these books are books that parents/guardians would enjoy. Here are two especially that I have read: 
Counting by Sevens
The One and Only Ivan


A question brought up by Joshua Goodhind
Post written by Arin Andrews

Last year, these three specials were longer, Art, Music and P.E.

When we were in third grade, there were four very important specials. They were Art, Music, Computer/Library, and P.E.. P.E was forty-five minutes long, Music was 1 hour, and Art was 1 hour. This year, we’re cut short on time with these three specials.

P.E is now forty minutes. Fourth graders agree that it’s too short to get real exercise. It feels like it whizzes by way to quickly.
⛺️Art is now fifty-five minutes. It’s also been cut short by five minutes. Though the period is longer than the P.E period, it still feels like it’s not long enough.

Music is fifty-five minutes too. That’s barely enough time to go into the real perspective of music and learn all the things you need to know.

Computer/Library, strangely enough, has not changed its timing. It always has been an hour, and it’s never changed. The question here is: what’s the motivation to change and not change the timings for these specials that we love?

One more thing, they don’t seem to be exchanging the specials for other things. There are no more special clubs at the school than there have been in past years. There are no more time-consuming activities than usual. Is it just because they don’t think kids get enough work time done???
If you come up with any answers or information about the topic, find a way to tell the bloggers and Josh; we really are wondering about this meddlesome question.


JOSH—he’s curious too.