Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The December Play (by Sara)

In December the whole school acted in a play based on the book Switch On The Night. Each class performed an amazing part in the play. The preschool wove through the crowd carrying lanterns and singing This Little Light Of Mine. The kindergarten did a wonderful dance to a fun song about animal noises. They also had really cool costumes that looked like the animals they were playing. 

The first grade did a stunning performance. They wore amazing glow in the dark shorts and moved around the stage slowly so they looked like animals of the night.The second grade educated us about bats. To do that they used cardboard puppets behind a white curtain so they could show shadow puppets while they spoke. The third grade also did a really cool performance. They acted out a story about animals and they even used animal puppets which were really cool.
I think the fourth grade did one of the best performances though.We all acted out things in space like planets or stars and many other things. All of us wore really cool finger lights and bracelets that lit up. The main characters were actually huge puppets that the 5/6 made. The 5/6 did a bunch of back stage stuff like holding lanterns and bringing the puppets on stage. At the end of the play the whole school sang And At Last I See The Night which is a song from the movie Tangled. The performance was great and really fun!!!!! 

Smencils! (by Ana and Makenna)

 This year were going all out on our library!

We are going to be selling Smencils for one dollar each for our class library to have bean bags. Any extra money is going to unicef:)

Smencils are pencils that come in different smells, like for instance fruit, soda and sweets! Also we are going to be reorganizing the class library and we got new books. We got poetry books and new magazines !!!!!!!!!! 

First Field Trip (by Nichole)

On October 28, 2014 we went on our first field trip of the year. It was a sunny day and we were walking to the M.N. Spear Library. It took about a half an hour but we made it! Finally when we got there we all ran around on the big yard a little bit and then we went inside.

The library is small but has a lot of books. The librarian read us some books and was nice. Some people got a library card. Some didn't. We looked at cool books, then we went outside again and ran around for a little bit. Then we had some snacks. We had capri suns, cookies, and muffins. After the drinks and food we left and walked back for a half an hour. Then we got back to school.