Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meet the Gnomes!

Here are our resident gnomes:

Our newest addition: the "Welcome Gnome"

Our trusty "Name-stick Gnome"

The mysterious "Wishing Gnome"

The small-but-mighty "Lego Gnome"

Measurement Funny Story

In our class we really love to have fun, and any subject matter can provide us with an opportunity to express our senses of humor and creativity. Recently in math, as part of our unit on measurement, we shared lists of items that our families measure (and whether these needed to be exact or estimates). The class noticed that the eclectic list of measured items on our white board made a funny story when read in order, and Emilio volunteered to write it down as a narrative (Bowen had already illustrated it). Without further ado, here are the surreal text and awesome illustration:

There's a dog on a picnic table eating pancake drinks that are in a hole in a wall blowing glass onto a Christmas tree that has furniture ornaments and a bird house instead of an angel. Under the Christmas tree is a loft bed knitting a dress.

Goodbye B.Z. Assembly (by Emilio)

It was a sad assembly. Since this is on the blog, the 4th grade obviously had something to do with it, and if you're thinking that then, yes, you're right! The 4th grade hosted the Goodbye B.Z. Assembly, which is most likely going to be the biggest assembly this year (school year, that is)!!  Now let me get into details...

The greeters at the back door were Josh and Tegan, and at the front door were Bowen and Maysah. Once all the classes arrived, Jennifer Swender and a few 4th graders announced the Hike-a-thon!!!! Then Shire and Natalia announced that the assembly... was for B.Z.!!!!!! Then our MCs (Emilio, Henry, and Sofie) showed the pre-k imovie. Then the kindergarten showed their art project. After, the 1st grade showed their movie. There was a PTO presentation for B.Z. and then the 2nd graders showed their animoto. After that students from Ms. Barber's 5/6 sang a song for B.Z. and then the 3rd and 4th grade shared their Rainbow Beach slide show. Next, the 5/6 showed their imovie. And then last but not least the 5/6 sang a goodbye song. And that's that.

Halloween! (by Henry)

The class celebrated Halloween by having a party.  Most people dressed up as book characters. Students wrote scary stories and shared them around a fake fire. Snacks were served and people played games, listened to Halloween music, talked and danced a Conga line.  When the class discovered there would be no homework, they gathered on the lawn and sang “That’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, we like it,  uh huh uh huh!”  All in all it was awesome party!